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==================================================== Newsletter-- Updated Links -- June 3, 2008

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Doglinks' News

For the past 16 days, we travelled around Victoria on holidays, but also to see how dogs were represented in that State. While we were there, we represented Doglinks in Melbourne's RSPCA Million Paws Walk on May 18, 2008. This event was to raise money for the RSPCA and I can tell you that it was well represented in Melbourne. Everyone with their dog was present. They walked around Albert Lake and everywhere you looked, people and dog covered the whole ground. We made some really good contacts, and some ideas that we've been floating around in our heads seem to have taken off in Australia.

June 7 and 8th is the annual festival of the Kelpie Working Dog Festival in Casterton. Unfortunately, we had to return to New Zealand and keep our links and newsletter up to date. Besides, one can only take so many days off work:) Check out the picture of record number attentding this festival on The working Kelpie originated in Australia around the mid 1800's. Numbers today, in Australia, are in excess of 450,000 with most of these being required for work.

Our forum... it was plagued with one spammer, but after he's been booted off and banned, it is all working now. If you find difficulties accessing it, PLEASE let us know.

Are you a fan of Cesar Millan- "The Dog Whisperer"? In New Zealand, it is presently airing on Prime TV on Saturday at 7:30pm.

A research project was done by Marina Kviker, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. She has researched Cesar's dog training methods, has given examples in most places and has used some of the top dog trainers in the world to back up her opinions. This research paper has been sent to David Beal, the President of the National Geographic in Washington, D.C. She is asking Mr Beal to pull the series off air until Cesar uses more up-to-date training methods.

This research paper is on doglinks

We would like you to comment on Marina's research, and to tell us if you think that Cesar dog training methods is from the dark ages. Should he change his style of training? Do you agree with Marina? Do you like the way Cesar trains people and their dogs. Have your say here--

What's in the forum?

Do you need a dog sitter? Would you like to care for dogs?
Place your message in the forum

What your favourite dog walk?
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Dog Jokes

When there is an old maid in the house, a watchdog is unnecessary.
--Honore de Balzac. 1799-1850 French Novelist.

A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
--Josh Billings

The dog that will follow everbody ain't worth a curse.
--Josh Billings.

Dog News

**Dog hidden after girl, 10, mauled

**At least Lily the dog's not sick

**Puppy killer sent to jail

**Unusual 'gift' from Japanese customs--n someone's lucky!

**Hooked on huskies: the ultimate athlete

**Lack of barking 'showed dogs knew the killer'

To read opinions and to comment, go to:

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Doggy links

Walking Tall -- Confident or Not? /articleswalking.aspx
More on inspiring confidence in the dog -- confidence in himself,
confidence in you

"Dog Dancing: My Beagle and I Try America's Weirdest Pet Hobby"

"Devoted to Dogs" by Elaine A. Ostrander /devoted_to_dogs_review.pdf
Review of The Behavioural Biology of Dogs

Pathways to Hope Prison Dog Program
USA Nonprofit organization dedicated to training service dogs to assist the disable

Resource Guarding & the Food Bowl Game /resourceguardingandfoodgame .pdf

Anders Hallgren The first dog psychologist in Europe. His biography
is quite impressive, and his website is worth reading just for understanding
how far we've come to understanding our 4 legged companion.

Carolina Canine Epilepsy Project (North Carolina State Univ.)

Download plans for PVC weave poles and jumps .htm

Non-Doggy Sites

IRD unclaim money (NZ)
Check to see if your name is listed d-money/monies

Petrol price finder (NZ)

The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child

Take my kids please!! For Parents of More Than Usually Trying Children, New Approach May Help /content/article/2008/03/21 /AR2008032102806 .html

The Company We Keep /TheCompanyWeKeep.htm
Character - the influences on the mind that shape the kind of person we are becoming, for better and for worse.

Bookshelf designs -of-the-most-creative-bookshel ves-designs/

More on David Belle and parkour:

        "No Obstacles: Navigating the World by Leaps and Bounds" by
Alec Wilkinson /2007/04/16/070416fa_fact _wilkinson
        "The Rise of Parkour: Part Jumping, Part Gymnastics in an Urban
Playground" by L. Jon Wertheim
http://sportsillustrated.cnn .com/2008/writers/the_bonus/01 /10/parkour

Doggy Reading

Albert Payson Terhune's "Buff: A Collie":

    A swirl of gold-and-white and gray and black,
    Rackety, vibrant, glad with life's hot zest,
    Sunnybank collies, gaily surging pack,
    These are my chums; the chums that love me best.

    Not chums alone, but courtiers, zealots, too, ---
    Clean-white of soul, too wise for fraud or sham
    Yet senseless in their worship ever new
    These are the friendly folk whose god I am.

    A blatant, foolish, stumbling, purblind god, --
    A pinchbeck idol, clogged with feet of clay
    Yet, eager at my lightest word or nod
    They crave but leave to follow and obey.

    We humans are so slow to understand
    Swift in our wrath, deaf to the justice-plea
    Meting out punishment with lavish hand
    What, but a dog, would serve such gods as we?

    Heaven gave them souls, I'm sure; but dulled the brain
    Lest they should sadden at so brief a span
    Of heedless, honest life as they sustain;
    Or doubt the godhead of their master, Man.

    Today a pup; tomorrow at life's prime
    Then old and fraile; -- dead at fourteen years
    At best a meagre little inch of time
    Oblivion then, sans mourners, memories, tears

    Service that asks no price; forgiveness free
    For injury or for injustice hard.
    Stanch friendship, wanting neither thanks nor fee
    Save privilege to worship and to guard: ---

    That is their creed. They know no shrewder way
    To travel through their hour of lifetime here.
    Would Man but deign to serve his God as they,
    Millennium must dawn within the year.

  Non-Doggy Reading

New one by Thomas Perry -- *Fidelity*. He's exceptionally good,
congenitally incapable of writing badly. I just wish he'd do another of
the "Jane Whiteside" series -- although one is promised for Jan '09.
Interestingly, Perry creates lots of couples, esp. villains, who are
somewhat deceitful, doubtful, and manipulative of each other, sort of
Boris & Natasha mixed with Albee's George & Martha. It's an odd way for
a novelist to explore the tangles of romance or to explain violent evil.

  Quotes of the Week

Eknath Easwaran:

        * What we think about constantly, we become; that is the secret of meditation and prayer.
        * Be vigilant; guard your mind against negative thoughts. Pull yourself out of bad ways as an elephant raises itself out of the mud.
        * Patience can't be acquired overnight. It is just like building up a muscle. Every day you need to work on it.

More from Stanislaw Lec:

        * We are all equal before the law, but not before those appointed to apply it.
        * Who knows what Columbus would have discovered if America hadn't got in the way.
        * You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.

Thanks to...

Geoff Stern for providing the links, articles, and quotes.
If you have any interesting links, send them to and your name will be here:)