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==================================================== -- Updated Links -- January 11, 2008

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Non-Doggy Reading
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  Doggy links

Clever Canines: Did Domestication Make Dogs Smarter?
Mr. Csányi's team has been studying canine cognition for the past decade and, in the process,
has built a body of experimental evidence that suggests dogs have far greater mental capabilities
than scientists have previously given them credit for. /32a01201.htm

"I Watch Here" signs -- alternative to "Beware of Dog"

"Obedience Misadventures" by Chris Robinson /Features/Robinson_07/robinson _1107.html

Create a Nutritious Raw Dog Food Diet .html

Retrieve with scent discrimination (Rt. Hon. Kadi Thingvall)

www.giantschnauzerclubofameric /skijoring.htm

Puppy trng: food guarding (Pippa Mattinson) /Reference/health/behaviour /resourceguarding/food


*Says You!* -- very funny word game show on NPR

Annual Banished Words List from Lake Superior State Univ. .php

Essays by Benjamin Schwarz from *The Atlantic*:

        "His Second Act" /sinatra
        [Sinatra's comeback and enduring influence]

        "Toiling in the Dream Factory" /editors-choice '
        [The American movie in the era of the big studios]

  Doggy Reading

Two new books for R: James B. Spencer's *Retriever Hunt Tests: A
Handler's Guide to Success*, the latest of several books he's done on
retriever trng, all of them good (so I may try to read that one). And a
kind of notebook, Lisa Preston's *Canine Scent Work Log* for  just the
sort of compulsive record keeping that R does.

  Quotes of the Week

Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I
am merely in disguise. -- Margaret Atwood, *The Cat's Eye*

We are always the same age inside. -- Gertrude Stein

*Dolendi modus, timendi non item* [To suffering there is a limit; to
fearing, none]. -- Bacon (Francis, not Kevin)

Thanks to...

Geoff Stern for providing the links, articles, and quotes.

If you have any interesting links, send them to and your name will be here:)