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==================================================== -- Updated Links -- February 10, 2008

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Non-Doggy Reading
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Caninology is bringing the signature 2 day (May 3-4, 2008) Introduction to Canine Massage to NZ for the first time ever!

RSPCA Canterbury- free desexing- March and April 2008

Tellington TTouch in Auckland - March, 2008

Alumni Family Day - Tour of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Palmerston North) 24 February 2008

  Doggy links

2008 Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race, starting Feb 9, in Fairbanks AK
1000 miles for people who think the Iditarod is wimpy

Retriever training

        M&M Drill: Mind Candy %20Drill.htm
        [Memory and marking]

Peter Lewis on the founding history of agility /foundinghistory.html

Pet Business Cards -- templates for printing 'em yourself

The Human-Companion Animal Bond: The Bond and Behavioral Aspects of

Retriever training for gun dogs: From eight weeks to nine months

Dog Agility in Nambia al/namibia.html


100 best mystery novels:

* Mystery Writers of America /resources/Top100.pdf

* H. R. F. Keating /keating100.htm

* Independent Mystery Booksellers' Assn /favorites.html

North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission
[Interesting recipes]

The Most Dangerous Road in World -most-dangerous-road-in-world
North Yungas Road is hands-down the most dangerous in the
world for motorists. This one clearly endangers your life. It runs in
the Bolivian Andes, 70 km from La Paz to Coroico, and plunges down
almost 3,600 meters in an orgy of extremely narrow hairpin curves and
800-meter abyss near-misses. A fatal accident happens there every couple
of weeks, 100--200 people perish there every year. In 1995 the
Inter-American Development Bank named the La Paz-to-Coroico route 'the
world's most dangerous road'

A Barrel Full of Fun (Jim Wegryn)
[Names, words, notions, etc.]

  Doggy Reading

A poem by William Stafford, "Choosing a Dog":

        "It's love," they say. You touch
        the right one and a whole half of the universe
        wakes up, a new half.

        Some people never find
        that half, or they neglect it or trade it
        for money or success and it dies.

        The faces of big dogs tell, over the years,
        that size is a burden: you enjoy it for awhile
        but then maintenance gets to you.

        When I get old I think I'll keep, not a little
        dog, but a serious dog,
        for the casual, drop-in criminal --

        My kind of dog, unimpressed by
        dress or manner, just knowing
        what's really there by the smell.

        Your good dogs, some things that they hear
        they don't really want you to know --
        it's too grim or ethereal.

        And sometimes when they look in the fire
        they see time going on and someone alone,
        but they don't say anything.

  Quotes of the Week

Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting
convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day. -- Russell,
"Dreams and Facts," in *Sceptical Essays*

The only real power comes out of a long rifle. -- Stalin [Cf. Mao:
"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"]

Every man who knows to the minutest details all the complexity of the
conditions surrounding him, cannot help imagining that the complexity of
these conditions, and the difficulty of making them clear, is something
exceptional and personal, peculiar to himself, and never supposes that
others are surrounded by just as complicated an array of personal
affairs as he is. -- Tolstoy

Dog Jokes

A man bitten by a dog, whether the animal is mad or not, is apt to get mad himself.
--George D. Prentice 1802-1870 American Journalist & Humorist.

Keep running after a dog and he will never bite you.
--Francois Rabelais 1495-1583 French Humorist.

I am sir Oracle, and when I ope my lips, let no dog bark.

About the only thing on a farm that has an easy time is the dog.
--Edgar Watson Houe 1853-1937 American Journalist.

Thanks to...

Geoff Stern for providing the links, articles, and quotes.

If you have any interesting links, send them to and your name will be here:)