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==================================================== -- Updated Links -- April 1, 2008

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Non-Doggy Reading
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The Big Paws Out! Napier April 19th MORE>>

Bio energetic healing course- Blenheim - June 2008 MORE>>

Have your say in the Bylaws Reviews in Christchurch... do you want a $750 fine? Find out how you could.
Submissions close at 10am on 28 April, 2008.

Add your event in the forum. No charge.

Dog News

Men shy away from the unkindest cut New Zealand men's sympathy for their pets' packages is an "ecological disaster waiting to happen", Unitec research has revealed. MORE>>

Dangerous Dog Video- Japanese Akita Donna-Marie Lever reports on the story of a man viciously attacked by a dog - Now he wants the popular dog out of the country or at least added to the country's dangerous dog list.

100 years of dog trials They have often been referred to as the marriage trials rather than the dog trials, such is the time the men spend at them.

More on

Dog Jokes

Beware of dog- and why have a sign

If dogs could talk, perhaps we'd find it just as hard to get along with them as we do people.
--Karel Capek 1890-1938 Czech Journalist.

You never realize a dog is a man's best friend until you start betting on horses.

Dogs are lousy poker players. When the get a good hand they wag their tails.

Dumb dog. I bought a dog whistle. He won't use it.

Doggy links

Mealtime for Working Dogs /Articles/Articles_pdf/Mealtim e.pdf
Palman's latest superb article on trng -- the title is somewhat
misleading, because she covers more than just using mealtime as a
reinforcement opportunity. Don't miss this one or any of her articles

Ready, set . warm up! How to lessen the risk of dog-sport injury

Look Closely /articleslook.aspx
Observing your dog for signs of being unconfident

Who's in Charge: It's All a Question of Leadership /whos_in_charge-leadership.pdf

So You Want to Raise an Agility Star /RaiseAgiltyStar.htm

Dog Show People: Newcomer's Field Guide /lib_fun-people.htm
Very funny

Drug Reaction in Herding Dogs _dogs/WorkingDrug.shtml

How to train two dogs

Non-Doggy Sites

Basketball: The Bill James method of calculating when a college basketball game is
out of reach
[Is your team's lead safe?]

Better View Desired Online -- reviews of binoculars and other optics,
esp. for birders

Politicker -- "inside politics for political insiders"
Fair, objective, non-ideological coverage of local, state, and national politics

Esquivalience and Other Mountweazels (Dave Wilton) /site/comments/esquivalience _and_other_mount

Pop culture as opera

Doggy Reading

Got a batch of dog videos and a little
booklet by Steve Ripley, Making Scents of the Urban Jungle: A VST
more for R than for me. BTW, for New Englanders, the current issue of Dog Sport magazine
has a nice interview with Elaine Hammil.

Non-Doggy Reading

Henry Chang's Chinatown Beat is, presumably, the first of a series
about NYPD Det. Jack Yu ( ). Pretty good, noir-ish.

Quotes of the Week

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they
went. -- Will Rogers

Everyone should learn to do one thing supremely well because he likes
it, and one thing supremely well because he detests  it.
-- B. W. M. Young, headmaster, Charterhouse School, UK

Bureaucrats write memoranda both because they appear to be busy when
they are writing and because the memos, once written, immediately become
proof that they were busy.
-- Charles Peters

A quotation, like a pun, should come unsought, and then be welcomed only
for some propriety of felicity justifying the intrusion.
-- Robert Chapman

Dog Videos

Jenny Damm agility playtraing session -

Schutzhund in 1936 =NsBi0PehfAM
Some neat re-attacks and gunfire while the dog is on the sleeve, bike action, etc. Then a jaunt into town
for some cold beer for all

Thanks to...

Geoff Stern for providing the links, articles, and quotes.

If you have any interesting links, send them to and your name will be here:)