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What is a reciprocal link? This means that our logo and/or description is displayed in a prominent place on your website. Prominent means that it is easily and quickly seen, and not on the fourth bottom link page.

You either need a logo or the description of the site. Look below on how to describe our site. Of course, you can link to any individual page.

Site description
FULL Description: -- Leading you into New Zealand's Dog Web--Information about working dogs, training issues, dog tricks, dog problems, a listing of dog clubs, trainers, breeders and kennels, canine health and care, and a place for teachers & students. The Dog News Blog is updated daily to share opinions.

MINIMUM description: -- Leading you into New Zealand's Dog Web

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Right-mouse click on any picture, and save the image to your harddrive. Then insert it to your page like an ordinary picture. Next, link it back to This logo moves from one description to another. Quite cute. Size: 288X60 This is a white logo

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