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How to break up a dog fight

Breaking up a dogfight can be dangerous. Depending on your size and abilities, choose from the following options.

1) Don't get your hands near the dog's mouth, for obvious reasons. Don't hit the dog as the dog might redirect the aggression towards you.

2) You'll need someone to separate the dogs by grabbing their hind legs and walking them backward (like wheelbarrows). Secure the dogs away from each other before releasing them.

3) You need a distractor... you can either spray the aggressor with a water hose. If this doesn't make a difference, aim for the nostrils.

4) Use a broom between dogs to separate them.-- if you have a broom in your hands, you'll appear bigger, and something to separate them

5 ) Lastly, sse a noise-making device such as an air horn, or throw a bottle already filled with roacks to drive them apart. Dont' THROW it AT the dogs!! it's just to get their mind off the other dog. Break their concentration.



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