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Breeding Articles

David Hancock on Dog Breeding The Way Breeding standards Used to Be -- he asks: "Can any breeder producing a Basset Hound which steps on its own ears and has chronic eye problems claim to love the breed? "

-- David Hancock -- dog historian "We have allowed some breeds to become too heavy, some too short-faced, some too heavy-coated, some too short-legged, others too short-lived, all in the pursuit of cosmetic points, not sound anatomical points."

The Heritage of the Dog
by Col. David Hancock

Many books have been published concerning the origins and development of many of the current breeds of dogs, but few go into such common sense detail as Col. David Hancock's The Heritage of the Dog , published by Nimrod Press in 1990 (hardcover, 317 pgs.). This book is based upon a great deal of original research, and, unlike most books which tend to focus on the dogs of the gentry and nobility, this book has excellent sections on all sorts of dogs, including the pastoral breeds (flock guardians and herders).

The book's website and how you can buy the buy.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed
--- Documentary - BBC

Evaluating Your Puppies

Raising Pups with Great Temperament

Top 10 Myths About Adopting a Border Collie

Should You Breed Your Dog or Bitch?

To breed or not to breed, that is the question: Should I breed my bitch?

Reading Vaginal Smears to Determine When to Breed Your Bitch

Why Not Do It All? Every breed of dog presents its devotees with its own particular set of challengers.

The Rising Storm: What Breeders Need to Know about the Immune System

National Geographic: In the Womb-- Dogs In utero photographs of the fetal development of four dogs and a wolf

PedRisk Software: Computer program to calculate the probability of getting affected or carrier dogs based on known affected, carrier and clear dogs in the pedigree

From Harper Magazine, 1843

Click for bigger picture

How Do I Know What Dog is Right for Me? Advice on choosing a breed, a breeder, etc.

The Rule of Fives: A Judges' Seminar Handbook by Barbara J. Andrews

St Bernard at the 1908 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show "Uncle Sam," a St Bernard at the 1908 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Click to enlarge.

The New Zealand Exhibition dog show

Click on image for bigger picture

Caption: The New Zealand Exhibition dog show.
(1) Mr A. A. White's prize Deerhound bitch.
(2) Mr C. Rides's Irish Terrier, with litter.
(3) Mr F. Hayburst's English Sheepdog.
(4) Mr H. A. Flowers's Fawn Pug.
(5) Miss Hargreaves's Bulldog.
(6) Messrs Soler Bros.' English Setter.
(7) Miss Estell Beere's Toy Spaniel.
(8) Mr C. Rides's Irish Terrier.
(9) Mr J. W. Spence's Fox Terrier.
(10) Mr A. M. Begg's Collie.
(11) Mr W. C. Leversedge's Cocker Spaniel.
(12) Mrs W. O'Brien's Pomeranian.
(13) Mr J. Thomson's Rough-Coated Collie.
(14) Mrs J. J. Addison's Toy Terrier.
(15) Mr R. O Duncan's Sky Terrier.
(16) Mrs E. C. Clark's Dachsund.
(17) Mr E. T. Howell's Smooth Fox Terrier.
(18) Mrs A. E. Kernot's Bulldog.
(19) Messrs Janson and Clark's Irish Terrier.
(20) Mr E. Webster's Wire Fox Terrier.
(21) Miss J. E. Hunter's Scotch Terrier.
(22) Mr A. Black's Pointer.
(23) Messrs Anderson's and Co.'s Curly-Coated Retriever.
Description: The Dog Show at the New Zealand International Exhibition last week was a great success. The following series of snapshots shows the leading prize-winners in the various classes.

Source: Canterbury Times, 16 Jan. 1907, p.39.

Breeding Articles

Are Breeders Creating Less Intelligent Dogs? Science, Truth and Journalism

Omerta: The Breeders' Code of Silence

Puppy advice: Adding a New Animal to the Household

20 Principles of Breeding Better Dogs by Raymond H. Oppenheimer

Breed Ban IQ Test

Blood chemisty tests -- what do the numbers mean?

Seven Foundations of a Successful Dog Breeder

Rosettes to Ruin: Making & Breaking Dogs in the Show--Interesting article on how conformation shows have altered -- distorted? -- terriers and bulldogs

Genetics for Breeders -- series of articles by John Armstrong:         Basic Concepts , Breeding Schemes, Population Genetics and Breeding, Significant Relationships (coefficient of inbreeding), Diversity and the Purebred Dog

The Online Pedigree Database, created in 1997 by PawVillage, is the original online pedigree system and is the premier multi-breed, open pedigree database available on the Internet.

The business of dogs People who continuously achieve high success in their breeding programs over time share certain characteristics.

Temperament in Dogs: Its Role in Decision Making

Mating Strategies and Selection Indices: How to Pick Breeding Animals for the Next Generation

Dogs and DNA

Who's your daddy? DNA testing for dogs

Why does my dog look like that?
Brief explanation of canine genetics

Dog Genome Sequencing Project (Broad Institute)

Plans to decode dogs
BBC NEWS -- The dog could be the next animal to have its genome deciphered.

Anatomy of the GSD Very nicely done

Breeding World Class Gundogs Competent breeders seeks to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all the dogs in a four-generation pedigree and carefully evaluate each dog in the pedigree of a potential mating.

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