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Holmes a public-spirited dog
26 September 2005
Holmes, a bordie-collie/beagle cross certainly keeps owner Natalie Perzylo active.

Read more about Holmes on his very own holmespage.





Dogs:  A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin

So you're dog isn't lassie

Clicker for Obedience

Who is behind doglinks.co.nz?

Doglinks began early in 2002 when the author decided to shift careers and head towards animal care. My dog, Holmes, persuaded me to take him to dog training every morning for a year. He learned how to find a objects (and me) by smelling his way, grab a few objects from inside a square and bring them to me (although he needed to chew them before attempting to hand them over), walk at a heel, stand in the middle of a paddock for 2 minutes... just because I told him to :), jump over hurdles, insides of tunnels, weave around poles and send him off and redirect him to the left and right and to sit down when I told him to. He did all this for me for a few treats (and because he loves me (grin) ). We did lots together. He mostly understood me, and I learned to talk dog!

"Why do you say 'woof' Holmes?" I asked
" Dunno," he said. "It's something my family has always said!"

My name is Natalie Perzylo, and I'm a dog lover! I was born in Canada and immigrated to Christchurch in 1996. Two months later, Holmes came into my life. Blair, my partner, taught me everything I needed to know about raising a dog as he has had 6 or 7 dogs in his life-- all well-behaved, and loved. The first day we met, he told me the heart-breaking story of his dog named Sol. He knew how to get through to a girl's heart!

Once I learned I was going to take the dog training course at the Polytechnic in Christchurch, I started reading all sorts of books about dogs. I figured I'd get a head start.

BOOKS -- Just some that I've read....

The most revealing, thought provoking book that I've read about the origins of dog is by Coppinger. Dogs: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior, and Evolution

Then I found out from Stanley Coren who wrote many books about dogs and has a TV show. He's a professor from UBC (University of British Columbia) in Canada. The one that impressed me the most was The Intelligence of Dogs. I knew my lad was up there in the smarts... He also wrote How to Speak Dog

Other books include The Social Lives of Dog by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, and a book written by a single woman who got a dog for companionship but the dog became her life. She wrote about how the dog transformed her life. She started to stay home and not go out because of she didn't want to leave her dog alone! I can't remember the name, but it hit a cord with me.

The Dog Whisperer by Paul Owens is another one of those gems..

Other books are about training... Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot the Dog, the 101 things you can do with a clicker, Clicker Training for Obedience by Morgan Spector, Karen Pryor
So You're Dog is not Lassie
was written for me! Definitely!

Holmes is an independent thinker, and takes quite a bit of convincing to get him to do silly things like having an interest in a dumbell and bringing it to me (that was an achievement!). Betty Fisher, the author, convinced and reassured me that my dog will do the tricks and to not get frustrated. A great book for me. Without her, I would have had a hard time completing my dog training course.

Relevant Life History

My background is a teacher, and so dog training actually taught me a lot in terms of understanding the 'now' of life. Many of the kids that I taught were somewhat like this too. I love them all dearly.

My teaching has brought me to many corners of the world.

But I will say that I have taught primary school kids in a little village called Te Hapua in the Far North, travelled around New Zealand with the Science-Technology Roadshow (helped financially by Telecom) showing the benefits of computers to community groups, school kids, and teachers. I taught Computer Studies at Wellington High School, and helped Korean kids improve their reading and writing skills. In 2003 I took a course in Online Teaching and Learning from the Chch College of Education. For my practicum, I did a two week online dog course on doglinks.co.nz It was great fun. But I learned something valuable. When it's free, it's worth nothing!

My present situation (2005-present): I'm an Orientation and Mobility instructor for kids as well as a Adaptive Daily Living Instructor for the Foundation of the Blind in Christchurch.

As of 2008, Blair and I started a dog training business called Naked Dog Training- Less Leash, More Control. We have also started a very small Homestays for Dogs. I say small because we can only care for one dog at a time


Animal Care (minus one course in cats) 2001
National Certificate in Dog Training from CPIT 2001
Certificate from Massey Principle of Canine Behaviour 2001

Member of CATS (Canine Agility Training Society) in Christchurch 2002.

See more here

I have one dog. I try to understand dogs and why they do the things they do, but my training has only been for personal use. And so, I am a closet trainer still learning about the trade. I still have a lot to learn, but what I have learned, I want to share with the ordinary dog owner. And what I don't know, you can read Barry's Corner on the Problems page. He says what I want to say, but better! (He's a teacher too!)


Why doglinks?

Why indeed! I searched the web for information while taking my dog training course. I decided to keep the information in a website form. Then it started to build and build more while studying about the lives of dogs.

While I walk and run my dog, I talk to many dog owners (like you do!) Through our conversations, I'd add a bit of information about the dog world. I felt that they were surprised with what I said. Sometimes I think that it is common sense to know dog body language, but I realise that no everone *does* know this.

And so, I thought I'd make my website for those dog owners! The ordinary kiwi dog owner wanting to know more about who their dog is.

I'm also very interested in teaching pet care in schools. The amount of children not owning dogs in their family seems to have risen, and dogs can be a bit frightening experience for them if their parents have 'taught' them to fear dogs. I would like to break down the barriers...

It was only the fifth year of being a dog owner that I discovered the sport of agility. I saw Tux WonderDogs on TV and I didn't realise that ordinary dog owners could partake in this. Perhaps I was naive, but so are many other dog owners. It's a bit daunting for some owners to go to a dog club. I hope I can reach out to these dog owners.

I am avid dog news collector, and some time I comment on the dog news.

Who is doglinks?

It is a two person effort. Blair is the behind-the-scene supervisor, ideas generator, suggests website design ideas, offers suggestions, and is a flyer distributor!

I am the instigator, the front end person, the web designer and maker, the collector of news, the shaping of the Dog Blog, will-be the database set up and running person, the person of contact in emails, the person working hundreds of hours to bring the best possible kiwi kanine website in New Zealand! So enjoy!

Naked Dog Designs

I have also helped organisations with their website. I volunteered as Dogwatch's webmaster from 2008/09 and elevated their profile in Christchurch, ranking them #1 on Google as a dog rescue center. By starting their mailing list, they now have a huge following.

All good things must come to an end especially when I started bringing out Overseas Dog Experts. I just had no time to devote to their website. Since late 2009, Dogwatch's new webmaster is Sighthound. Well done to Sighthound for creating a better looking site.

Check out Dogwatch and Dannevirke's SPCA


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